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About Us

About PixAeon

Discover the Future of Art with PixAeon

Welcome to PixAeon, where the boundary between the real and the surreal blurs through the lens of abstract photography. Based in Los Angeles and serving art lovers globally, we craft experiences that transform spaces and provoke thought. Our journey began 18 months ago, and since then, we’ve been committed to bringing you exclusive, thought-provoking art that stands out in any collection.

Unparalleled Artistry in Every Piece

At PixAeon, our canvas art prints, museum-quality framed pieces, and versatile merchandise such as coffee mugs and phone cases go beyond traditional visuals. Focused on architectural details and everyday objects, our artworks are abstracted into surreal landscapes and geometric forms that captivate and mesmerize.

For the Collector and the Visionary

Our ideal patrons are not just art collectors and enthusiasts with a discerning eye for style and quality, but also corporate offices seeking to enrich their environments with unique art pieces that offer more than just aesthetic pleasure, but create a serene retreat from the conventional. Our art is an investment in beauty.

Exclusive Collections Tailored to You

Explore our range of products:

  • Canvas Art Prints and Framed Art Prints: Sized from 12″x12″ to 28″x40″, available in open editions on our website. Limited editions and bespoke pieces are available for those seeking something truly unique.
  • Lifestyle Merchandise: From coffee mugs to phone cases and tumblers, each item reflects the essence of PixAeon’s artistic vision, perfect for those who appreciate art in all aspects of life.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles: Engage with art interactively with puzzles featuring our exclusive designs.

Sustainable and Accessible

All our prints and products are crafted on demand, ensuring no waste and maintaining sustainability. We utilize robust packaging to ensure your art arrives in pristine condition. Our pricing is transparent and competitive, ensuring there’s something for every budget.

Special Offers Just for You

We are excited to offer our first-time buyers exclusive discounts up to 30%, and special promotions like ‘buy one, get one free’. Subscribe to our newsletter for additional subscriber-only discounts.

Join Us on a Visual Journey

PixAeon remains dedicated to capturing the hearts of art lovers like you. Visit us at pixaeon.art and be part of a new era of art collection.

Rediscover your space with PixAeon – where art meets the abstract and dreams converge with reality.

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No AI used. All PixAeon images are made with a camera and 100% organic eyeballs.