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About Us

About PixAeon

Greetings, and thank you for visiting!

Using Photography to create art has remained a passion since childhood, and this site represents three decades of work.

Every image on PixAeon is genuine photography. No AI was used to generate any of these images, and they typically have very little digital modification.

I love playing with perception, and get a real thrill when one of my photographs transcends the original subject matter to become something extraordinary.

Most of my work de-contextualizes the familiar, which forces the viewer to radically shift their perception in order to decode and re-contextualize the image in their own mind.

Often times, the viewer’s perception will shift repeatedly as they move closer to the art work and fine details reveal themselves, including shifts in dimensionality, faces, and creatures of all sorts that come into existence when examining these works up close.

Whether you’re looking to lift your spirits or seeking an artistic masterpiece for your space, PixAeon promises a visual journey.

Dive into our collection, and if something resonates, consider a signed, limited edition print or even a personalized commission.

Feel free to connect—I’d love to hear from you.,

        – Rachel Garcia-Dunn

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No AI used. All PixAeon images are made with a camera and 100% organic eyeballs.